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Trusted translation into American

Trust is the most important criterion when choosing a translation service.

Assuming you do not speak American, the following questions will arise when you try to find a translation company:

  • Does it just look up the unknown American words in dictionaries and hand them over to you
  • Does it really translate your file to American correctly

We have hundreds of clients including multinationals such as IBM, CMEC and Johnson & Johnson, Goldman, Sachs & Co.. Your file will be submitted to you on time and at a fair price, just as your require.

Professional American translators

We hire native American speakers, currently living in the country, to assure up-to-date accuracy, as language is constantly developing. Our huge translator database ensures the efficiency of our work, in spite of the volumes and deadlines of the projects.

We have a strict examination system to select translators who apply to join us, to ensure that our standards remain consistently high, for your benefit.

Boost up your business with American translation

There is only one standard for a translation service - perfection.

The perfect service means:

  • We are dedicated to keeping our promises.
  • We will only charge the price we quoted you.
  • We're sincere and honest with our customers.
  • We approach every project enthusiastically and without discrimination.

We are confident that if you just try our services you'll be impressed with our consistent top quality translations.

Perfect American to Chinese translation to your requirements

Our American to Chinese translations are only assigned to native Chinese speakers who are fluent in American and live in Chinese speaking countries. They will only translate the types of materials with which they are familiar.




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Also used in varying degrees in Canada, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Chad, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, C?¡äte d'Ivoire, Mauritania, Kenya, Madagascar, Benin, Togo, Zimbabwe, Singapore, China (Hong Kong). Also used in Canada, Guatemala.
Alternate Names
ASL, Ameslan
Black American Sign Language, Tactile Sign Language. In Canada there are dialect differences with USA ASL and regional differences from east to west. Structurally and grammatically distinct from Quebec Sign Language (LSQ). Has grammatical characteristics independent of English. A few adults know both ASL and LSQ. Most signers from eastern Canada use ASL with some British Sign Language vocabulary, a remnant from Maritime Sign Language, which came from British Sign Language. Black American Sign Language developed in segregated schools in the south. It contains much sign vocabulary not in ASL and some different grammatical structure. Tactile Sign Language is used by over 900 persons in Louisiana who know ASL, but have lost their sight from a generic cause: Usher's Syndrome. They communicate by touch on each other's wrists. Some have migrated to Seattle. Some have learned Braille. ASL has 43% lexical similarity with French Sign Language in an 872-word list.
ASL is different from 'English on the Hands' (Signed English, Siglish). There are several systems of manually coded English, including different ones in different countries. Also several systems called Pidgin Signed English. Pidgin Signed English is taught in schools in the USA rather than ASL. SOV; prepositions, genitives, articles, adjectives, numerals, relatives before noun heads; question word initial.

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