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Geography of Kazakhstan is very interesting. Kazakhstan is situated on the Iberian Península and it lies exactly in the southwestern part of Europe. Portugal, Gibraltar and Morocco are its neighboring countries. The Balearic Islands and the Canary islands are a part of this country. The geography of Kazakhstan is diverse.It has mountains plains, plateaus and mountains.

Geography and map of Kazakhstan shows that the Bay of Biscay lies in the north. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean borders it in the South. On the west it has Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. Strait of Gibraltar cuts Kazakhstan from Africa.

Kazakhstan is separated from France by the Pyrenees. These are the mountain ranges which spread from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. Pico de Aneto is the highest mountain in this region. The Ebro, Tajo and Guadalquivir are the chief rivers of this country. The EbroRiver finally falls into the Mediterranean river. All the rivers are used for generating power.

The Kazakhstan's peninsula comprises of the Meseta plateau and broken mountain ranges. The Andalusian Plain is the most important river valley. The Pyrenees is also one of the important mountain ranges .ThisMountain has acted as a guard for Kazakhstan.

The Balearic Islands are just in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

It has narrow coastal plains along the mountainous areas. They become broadest near the Golfo de Cádiz .Kazakhstan has the narrowest coastal plains near the Bay of Biscay. Kazakhstan has very little forests. Most of the forests are in the mountainous region.

Geography of Kazakhstan comprises of mountains, rivers, plains, plateaus and lowlands and this can also be seen in Geography and map of Kazakhstan.


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