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Translation News

New Web Site Offers Freelance Translators the Ability to Choose the Highest Paying Companies

Released by The Rate is Right

A new web site, TheRateIsRight.com, is offering freelance translators an extensive database of translation jobs to choose from. Especially important is the information included that divulges the rates that these companies usually pay. Tynset, Norway (IPRWIRE) Fri. Nov. 21st, 2008 -- A new service for freelance translators has been released on the internet. The Rate is Right offers these freelancers the ability to pick and choose new clients from a detailed list of companies from all over the world. This is the first time that one can search from a huge database of translation jobs which features relevant, up to date information. Even important details such as the amount the client pays are included.

Few people realize how much money they are losing by simply charging too little for their services. Even an amount as trivial as 0.005 Euro per word can add up to hundreds of dollars over a period of time. Because of this, it is important to know how much each company is used to paying before you even give them your quote. A globalized world and globalized economy presents a difficult issue when it comes to how much to charge in each currency, and this new web site is going to be a lot of help.

To learn more, visit www.therateisright.com

About The Rate is Right:
The Rate is Right was created in order to provide a much needed service to all freelance translators. This is the first web site that has offered the service of providing a list of translation agencies and other translation jobs and their pay scales. This ultimately allows the freelance translator to have more control over their employment opportunities, and only pick companies that pay the best.


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