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Not Knowing being Pasting on the Back with a Note, Saying "I am a Pickpocket", Thief Continues Stealing (Photo)

小偷不知后背被贴“我是扒手”纸条 仍继续行窃(图)
Not Knowing being Pasting on the Back with a Note, Saying "I am a Pickpocket", Thief Continues Stealing (Photo)
2015-03-01 中国新闻网
2015-03-01 China News
Tencent News
As described in an online post, the man was stealing with a tag on the back, saying “I’m a pickpocket”.
On February 26, some netizen uploaded a set of photos, telling the story: a thief was committing a theft near Guangxi Yulin Bus Station. A naughty passerby spotted it and pasted a paper note onto his back, saying “I’m a pickpocket”. Noting knowing it, the thief continues with his work. Seeing it, passers-by couldn’t help laughing. However, as a police station was located just across the scene, many people felt angry at this unscrupulous pick-pocketing and hoped the related authorities to crack down on theft.
Tencent News
This is the man being pasted with the note.
In online forums, some netizens thought what the photos have shown werereal, as the area close to Yulin Bus Station was often haunted by thieves and they hoped public security organs could pay more attention on it and strengthensecurity controls on this area. In the morning of February 27, our journalist presented the news to Yuzhou Branch of Yulin Municipal Public Bureau, and a related director said they’d noticed this post and begun investigation on the problem revealed by it.
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