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Simultaneous Interpretation > 同传译员 > English Simultaneous Interpreter

Fan yu

Personal Information
n     Marital status: unmarried.
n     Nationality: Chinese
n     Age: 35
n     Place of Birth: China
Summary of qualifications
1993-1996          Beijing Interpreter’s Association
                         On-call English-Chinese Interpreter          
1996-1999          The United Nation Headquarter         
                        Simultaneous English-Chinese Interpreter
n                            Recognized as “ employee of the year ” in 1998
1999-2001          The Junior Memphis Group (H.K.)
     Head  Simultaneous English-Chinese Interpreter
2001-2004          The Shell Co.,Ltd.(China)
n                            Lead Simultaneous English-Chinese Interpreter
2004-2005          Freelance Simultaneous E/C interpreter/translator, Freelance International Salesman        
1982-1988           Winson High School of America
1989-1993            Bachelor of English Literature
1993-1995            International Trade
n                            Bachelor of Economics
1995-1996    Beijing ULS Elite translator’s training school
n                             Simultaneous E/C interpretation
n                             S/I
1996-1999     NYU
Master of Creative Writing in English
n                            MBA
1999                    John Hopkins University
Medical Training ( for simul-interpretation )
Professional experience
n     Rich Oral and Written English/Chinese Translation experiences in multi-field.
n     Bilingual, very Fluent both in English and Chinese language.
n    Expertise mainly in:
Banking, Trust, Insurance, Finance( IPO, Prospectus, road show, due diligence, investor visiting and meeting, factory and company tour, auditor tour and meeting, capital market issues, secondary market issues, financing, banking, insurance, other institutional investors, investment bank, merging and acquisition ), Blue-tooth ( current technology and future trends, its products and market, etc.), Training, Workshop for Mobile Technology and products and relevant China market, Medical ( TCM and western medicine practice, pharmaceutical), legal (International Law, Economic Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Maritime Law, Labor Law), Government Affairs, Commercial Issues, e.g.: negotiation, conference, all aspects of international trade, musical, construction & real estate, consultation, computer related,  electronic related, nuclear related, accounting & finance, procurement, factory issue, engineering, ISO9001/14001/QS, Auditing, training, mechanics & electrics, automation, programming, project model building and evaluation and implementation, land development and assessment, urban development, acting, dubbing, hosting, etc. 
n     Good command of computer skills
n     Good understanding of Western cultures and Chinese culture.
n     Good understanding of international business practices.
Bilingual ( English, Chinese ), fluent translation from Chinese ( both mandarin, major Chinese dialects ) to English and from English to Chinese.
Oral and Written English-Chinese simultaneous / consecutive translation in all area.
No.1 award for Oral English presenter in the 1996 national oral English competition.
Certified Simultaneous English –Chinese Interpreter
Recognized as “ employee of the year ” in 1998 by the U.N. Headquarter in N.Y.

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