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Ms Qiao

Qiao Yingxia
Sexuality:  Female
Age:    34
Marital Status: Married


1991.9-1995.7     Beijing Foreign Studies University
English Dept, Obtaining the Degree of BA, Certificate of EPT-8
Second Foreign Language: German (Middle Level)
1995.9-1997.7  University of International Business & Economics
Obtaining the Degree Bachelor of Economics
2002.9-2004.7     Advanced Translation School, Beijing Foreign Studies
Majored in Advanced Simultaneous Interpretation
Obtaining the Degree of MA

2002.7——Now    A couple of translation companies
Position: Conference Simultaneous Interpreter

Consecutive Interpretation Experiences:
Bilingual consecutive interpretation on quite a few occasions of press conference, market visits, business negotiations (M&A, IPO), technological and financial seminars (i.e. PDA, telecommunications and IT aspects), transfer of ownership rights and overseas listing etc and winning the praise from the clients; Main customers and businesses are as follows:
? The program conducted by J.P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Ltd. to investigate Chinese enterprises listed in Hong Kong;
? TIAA-CREF Fund, U.S. Chinese Program (meeting with the People’s Bank of China, National Development and Reform Commission, MOFCOM, MOE, MOLSS, Peking University, Tsinghua University);
? Wellington Asset Management Fund, U.S. Chinese exploring visit (meeting with China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Bank Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs);
? JV corporation negotiation between CITIC Networking Company and Telus Internaional Telecommunication Inc., Canada;
? JV corporation negotiation between China Textiles Import & Export Corporation and an international merchandiser big head;
? Beijing China Mobile: Bidding conference for the advertisement promotion of M-Zone and the number of 134 group;
? Share participation investigation tour in BOE Technology Group conducted by Olympus Capital Holdings Asia;
? China Central Television: Negotiation with the Tribute Third Millennium Ltd., Britain for the media cooperation for the charity of Chinese poor children, Charity concert held by the China Central Television in 2006;
? Lenovo Group: Inside call center business negotiation with People Support Inc., U.S.A.;
? Multitel (One Belgium Research Institute): Phonetic identification system (used in mobile phone and navigation project applied in cars) negotiation with Tsinghua University, which is a strategic cooperation program sponsored by the EU and the Chinese government
? Press conference conducted by Network General Inc. for product promotion of Sniffer InfiniStreami120
? China visit of the National Museum of Natural History, U.S.
? Cooperation program between the Singapore government delegation with China National Museum of Fine Arts
? HP Headquarters’ investigation program on Chinese gray market
? P/T Wireless Expo held in Beijing in 2005 (Booth of S3 Inc. Ireland, which designs embedded software for Intel chips)
? Simultaneous interpretation on the occasions of:
? Strategic cooperation ceremony between CAXA and Dassault Systems Inc.  
? France (CAXA Engineering Design Software);
? commercial introductions of telecommunication conducted by the Belgium
delegation led by the prince Philipe;
? international seminar of “Land resource management and ecological restoration  
in the loess plateau”;
? Czech-China trade promotion tour of the Czech Republic Delegation led by the
? China tour of the Canadian Trade Delegation led by the Premier;
? 11th Asian Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry;
? IEA(international Energy Agency) Renewable Energies Utilization China 
Beijing Dental Hospital & Plentitum Co., Germany Isomalt Seminar;
? The Association of Pacific Rim University (APRU) 2006 Summit Meeting held in Peking University;
? China visit of Zimbabwe government delegation headed by the vice president-Trade and Investment Seminar
? London in China: Mutual Investment Opportunities Conference led by both the London and Beijing mayors;
? Moris International 2006 Annual Conference, Beijing;
? 2006 China Banking Card Industry Innovation Seminar;
? 2006 Lotte Decayed Tooth Prevention Seminar;
? The Second China-US Relations Academic Working Group Roundtable: Gender 
Policy and HIV Prevention;
? 2007 China Cardiolpathy Medicine Seminar;
? 2007 Amsterdam mayor’s visit to China and Sino-EU trade forum;
? On-time Performance Improvement Seminar for CAAC (Nov. 2007)
? ABB EPC China Days (Nov. 2007)
? China Securities Journal High-level Round Table (Nov. 2007)
? China Meat Products Safety and Trade Forum (Dec. 2007)
? International Forum on Disability and Development &
Seminar on the Research Output of the Second China Samples Survey on Disability (Dec. 2007)
? The First China Textile Technology and Economic Development Forum 
? State Council Office about “The Achievement of China’s Reform” (Jan.2008)
? Ministry of Treasury research institute about “Taxation System in China”
? IIF Asian Chief CEO Summit(Jan.2008)
? London Stock Exchange AIM market lecture (Feb. 2008)
? Chinese and Germany Governmental cooperation project “Corporate Social
Responsibility” (Feb. 2008)
? China-Australia FTA Mining Seminar (March, 2008)
? International Integrated Circuit Seminar (March, 2008)
? Evidence Based Medicine and Policy making Seminar between Peking
University and SCU (March, 2008)
? Rolls-Royce Beijing Media Press (April, 2008)
? UGS Asia Pacific technology and sale annual meeting (May, 2008)
? Engine Project of China National Airspace Energy Bureau (May, 2008)
? Houston University MBA courses (May, 2008)
? Medical equipment and drug testing seminar held by Ministry of Health and
Abbot company (May, 2008)
? IDC IT Architecture Forum 2006-Service-Oriented Architecture and
Virtualization Technology (June, 2008)
? French TOTAL Petrochemical Company conference (June, 2008)
? the 4th China International Internet Culture Summit (June, 2008)
? Peugeot 2008 launching press and Dealer Network Conference (June, 2008)
? SIMENS China Tendency Development Forum (June, 2008)
? Seminar on Preventing Hepatitis C Virus Transmission and the Safety of Blood   
Transfusion (Oct. 2008).  
? Integrity Selling Training for Johnson & Johnson’s Cardiology, B&W,
Endovascular Sales Reps (Oct. 2008).  
? Sinopec International Technical Conference on Refinery Catalyst (Oct. 2008).
? Architecture 3-D Co-design international seminar (Oct. 2008)
? Continental Company vehicle tyre producers conference in China (Oct. 2008)
? CIMG(China International Mine Group) environment seminar (Oct. 2008)
? China air-conditioning technology and environment responsibility (Nov. 2008)
? UNDP/GEF/NOA “Biodiversity Management in Coastal Area of China’s South
Sea”(BMCACSS) launching ceremony and first conference (Nov. 2008)
? Current Status and Development Trend for Sewage Sludge Treatment and
Disposal (Nov. 2008)
? The Second Forum on Mobile Communication Data Warehouse Technology and
Application (Nov. 2008)
? The 3rd China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo-Anima Mix
International Creative Industry Forum (Dec. 2008)
? China Silicon International Conference (Dec. 2008)
? Shanghai 2008 International Textile Exhibition (Dec. 2008)
? Peking University Medical Department Bird Flu research (Dec. 2008)
? Greenpeace Anti-Whaling project (Jan. 2009)
? “Success Psychology” of Harvard University human resource courses (March,
? 14th World Productivity Congress (March, 2009)
? China-African Cooperation Forum (April, 2009)
? China Business Leader Awards ceremony (April, 2009)
? Ogilvy 2008 Good to Great Manager (3rd Round) Training(May 2009)
? Johnson & Johnson 2009 Recertification National Sales Training (June 2009)
? G100 Leadership Forum of China Building Material Market
Zibo International Conference and Exhibition Center (September 2009)
? United Nations International Ozone Day Celebration
Peking University (September 2009)

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