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Infrared & Wired Receivers

The infrared wireless receivers and wired channel selectors able to work with the Philips DCN conference system are available.  
The wireless infrared receivers are provided in 2, 7 and 16 channel models with options of either using disposable battery or rechargeable battery. Regarding the rechargeable battery models, receivers can be charged in a 56 slot rapid or trickle charger storage case or a 56 slot wall mounted charging rack and featured of a power switch for automatic power on/off.
The 16 channel receiver is featured of a LCD that displays the active channel.  
Options as integrated channel selectors in DCN discussion and DCN standard microphones as well as standalone channel selectors also are available for table top use or flush mount. Wherever in the DCN chain, these devices can be connected for enabling the wired interpretation reception. Any integration of wired and wireless receivers can be used at a time.  

The infrared receivers allow attendees to carry a lightweight, rechargeable multi-channel receiver featured with a digital channel indication and simple channel change and volume rocker switches. Either two ear headsets or single ear earphones can be accommodated for comfort even if in full day sessions.

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