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Notarized Chinese Translation
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Notarized Chinese Translation

Notarization and Certification of Documents

HYW Translations is pleased to provide you with professional translation and certification of your documents. We can handle a variety of different formats including: birth certificates, divorce certificates, marriage certificates and many, many others.
Which documents require certification?
Every document is different, and not all documents are required to be certified. Documents that do need to be certified are generally those which contain verified, personal information. Examples include: diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, death certificates, and other legal documentation. Generally, if a document is being requested by a government agency or institution, it should be certified. HYW Translations can provide you with certified, translated documents that conform to U.S. and other government regulations. Not only that, but we can send them to you in record time!
Certified Translations and you.
To be recognized as a certified translation in China, a translated document must contain the following:
The original document in the original (source) language.
The translated document in the translated (target) language.
A sworn testimony signed by A) the translator or, B) the translation company representative. This statement must include the translator¨s signature. The signature must be notarized by a Notary Public who attests that the translator has sworn that the text is an accurate translation of the source document.
A translator need not be certified to provide a certified translation. The Notary Public can only attest to the fact that the signature has been signed in his presence. The Notary Public is in no way responsible for the contents of the translation.
Who can be a certified translator?
No federal or state translation regulatory agency exists in China. In the United States, the American Translators Assn. (ATA), does offer certification in some languages, however, certification from the ATA is not required by most institutions.
Please get in touch with HYW Translations if you require certified translations for yourself or your business!
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