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Korean Chinese Translator
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Korean Chinese Translator

To obtain a challenging position within a translating company that will allow me to use my expertise and working skills in chemical and mining industryto

help grow the company and spread its reputation.

Experience :

2007.3 - Present 
Beijing, China Yijie Information Tech Co.,Ltd.                 
Korean and Chinese Translator
(More than 50,000 Words per Month)
- Translator
- Translation Checker
2008.3 - 2008.6 Seoul,Korea Chungdahm EDI
J  Junior English Teacher
    - The Reading Edge
    - The InterActive Reader's Plus
2008.7 - 2009.2 Seoul,Korea ByeokjeGalbi Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
The Office of a Secretary
    - Overseas Secretary
    - File Byeokje Written Data and Set an Electronic Database
2009.3 - President Seoul,Korea Youngwoo Group
 FDI Manager
- Get Purchase Order from Customer
- Handle Imports and Exports Documents
- Shipment Schedule
- Apply for Marine Insurance Policy
- Custom Clearance
- International Payment and Exchange
- Accompany Interpreter

University 2003.9 - 2007.7 Fudan University Shanghai, China
  School of Economics
Diploma of bachelor of economics 
University 2005.3 - 2005.12 St. Francis Xavier University Antigonish, Nova Scotia
  The Gerald Schwartz School of Business 
University 2007.9 - 2009.7 SungkyunkwanUniversity Seoul, Korea
  School of Economics
Diploma of Master of Economics 
University 2009.9 - President Sungkyunkwan University Seoul, Korea
  School of Economics
Diploma of Doctor of Economics 

Qualification :  
2007.3 Standard Test of Proficiency in Korean(S-TOPIK) 6th Shanghai, China
2007.6 DELE(Diplomas de EspanolcomoLenguaExtranjera
NivelIntermedio Shanghai, China
2009.6 Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) N2 Seoul, Korea

In the year 2000, I was admitted by Jiaxing No.1 middle school - one of the most famous high schools in Zhejiang Province, China.  During the next 3 years, I

choosed the arts and humanities¨ branch, according to my interest, and accumulated plenty of basic knowledge. After three years hard working, in 2003,  I

got the opportunity  to study in the major of Economics of Fudan University, which  is ranked the top three among the same major in all the universities of


Four years¨ undergraduate study widely broadened my horizon.  In my spare time, I always found some extra work to do!usually all kinds of translation work

between Korean, Chinese and English, which absolutely well trained my language skills. Besides, due to my highest GPA of the whole major, I acquired a lot

precious opportunities to communicate with some sibling universities in other countries.

After graduation, I was admitted by Reuter located in China.  Although it was a great chance, I still gave it up at last. The main reason is that during my

undergraduate study, I studied a lot on economics, a great major that always attracted me. With that in mind, I considered that a Phd degree in economics may

be much more suitable for me. Based on my great language skills, I determined to pursue my further degree in Korea. After experiencing a lengthy and tiring

application procedure, I was admitted by Sunkyunkwan University, which is ranked top 2 in Korea! You can never imagine how excited I was at that time!

I believe the continuation of academic pursuit abroad is the key to professional advancement and a better future. My goal is to master both Korean and

English languages, and at the same time learn more about International Trade. Topics about international trade have always been my main interest, which I

embrace any opportunity to learn more about. In university, I have joined student group which composed of classmates from various academic departments to

work together and study international trade policy.

Besides working, I also aim to have a part time, from which I will be able to learn more about operation and working procedures of this competitive society.I

am confident that my background, working experiences, and determination will help me to face challenges in the new environment.

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