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Translation into Asian Languages
Language pairs

Translation into Asian Languages

Translation into Asian Languages

Chinatranslation.net provides translation in a range of Asian languages. Our team of qualified translators provides full-time service to corporate clients and individuals. We take great care in choosing the right translator for each client, and assigning supporting translators accordingly, to ensure consistency throughout every translation project. Each time you submit a document for translation, you can select the service appropriate to you.

Chinese Translation

Chinese is the official language of over one billion people in China, a country with enormous economic and cultural influence. Chinese is also spoken in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the U.S., and worldwide. Learn more about Chinatranslation.net¨s Chinese translation capabilities.

Japanese Translation

Japanese is the language of circa 125 million people in Japan. Furthermore, there are thousands of Japanese speakers elsewhere across the globe. Japan continues to be a huge commercial player in the 21st Century. The Japanese economy is the second largest in the world. Only the USA has a higher GNP. Learn more about Chinatranslation.net¨s Japanese translation capabilities.

Korean Translation

Korean is the language of roughly 50 million people in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), another Asian economic dynamo. There are another 25 million users of the Korean language in North Korea. Moreover, there are thousands of Korean speakers in the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe.

South Korea is pursuing even greater economic power through a Northeast Asian business hub initiative that will make Korea a logistics and regional financial hub in Northeast Asia. Learn more about Chinatranslation.net¨s Korean translation capabilities.
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