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At Chinatranslation.net, we aim at providing you with not only Chinese to English translations but also with product localization. We believe your customers deserve a top-notch service and we will only be happy if they feel at home reading your documents.

We believe that a Chinese to English translation will always fall foul of your target audiences¨ expectations if it does not conform to the customs of the countries where English is spoken, namely the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zeeland. 

When we handle a Chinese to English translation, we bear in mind that, despite the fact that American, British, Australian and even Canadian English are generally mutually understandable, there are strong differences which may cause misunderstandings or even complete failure in communication.

It is of the upmost importance that these differences are not limited to the way words are written for example, "organise" versus "organize", "program" versus "programme" While some British words like "naff", "semi" or "busk" are usually unintelligible to an American citizen, many Britons will find it hard to understand the meaning of "rutabaga", "eggplant" or even "stool pigeon". And caution should be taken when using expressions such as "knocked up".  In the United Kingdom it means to be awakened by a knock  at the door, whereas in the US it means to be impregnated.

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