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Mr Wang: English translator with rich translation experiences in Oil industry

Work Experience
2010 /8--Present: XXX Capital(partime)(150-500 people) [ 1 year and 7month]
English Translator
provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for routine conferences;
responsible for lingual communication between the management of China and that of the US HQ.

2009 /4--2010 /7: XXX (China) Investment Co.,Ltd(>500 people) [ 1 year and 3month]
Automobile & Components
Sales and Marketing Dept
Serve as the interpreter for the general manager(from Stoke on Trend of England) of Sales and Marketing Division in terms of both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
Plan itineraries and schedules for the general manager;
Travel with the general manager and act as the interpreter on any necessary occasion;
Work as interpreter for the foreign invitees by Giti in trainings, meetings and visits.
Render for the general manager and other people concerned all pivotal tidings, emails, documents and other information into English or Chinese

2008 /1--2009 /:XXX Medical (China) Ltd [ 1 year and 2month]
Medical Facilities/Equipment
Marketing Division
English Translator
Serve as interpreter and translator for the director (American) of Marketing Divison of LifeScan, the glucometer franchise (Lifescan) of Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd.
Work as interpreter---simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, when the
director participates in all kinds of large-scale meetings, such as the CES (China Endocrinology Society)annual meeting,2008 Huaxia Congress of Endocrinology in Taipei, and the ADA (美国糖尿病协会) annual meeting, among other congresses.
Work as interpreter for the director when he visits customers (hospitals across China);
Work as interpreter for the director at all internal meetings in Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Co.,Ltd.
Provide all necessary translation for the director.

2006 /10--2008 /1:Shanghai XXX Information Technology Co.Ltd [ 1 year and 3month]
Computer Services
Translation Department
English Translator
Work as the principal translator of the company,and engage in English
translation and interpretation in terms of industrial gases,coalchemical industry,environmental protection,new energy industry and electric power industry,to name just a few.
Translate up to 10,000 Chinese characters per day despite a part-time employee.

2004 /10--2006 /9: XXX E-commerce Company  (50-150 people) [ 1 year and 11month]
Translation Section
English translator
Translate,compile and update the latest infomation,weekly analysis and dynamics in the trade of petrochemistry(complete with PP,PE,PVC,etc) for the e-commerce
platform ;
serve as interpreter for the general manager at meetings and during business trips.

2000 /7--2004 /8: XXX Institute of Chemical Technology(>500 people) [ 4 year and 1month]
Education/Training/Universities and Colleges
Foreign Language Department
Lecturer/Teaching Assistant
Serve as an English teacher for non-English majors;
Impart knowledge of intensive and extensive reading as well as listening compression of English to students;
Offer guidance for students' preparation for CET 4 and CET 6;
Take part in academic programs and publish a number of papers and books.
Project Experience
2009 /1--2009 /1:interpretation for president of XXX Medical Company (Asia and Pacific Region) Ltd
Project Description:
Michael, president of Johnson & Johnson Medical (Asia and Pacific Region) Ltd, attended the annual meeting of Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd during January 20th and 21st.
worked as interpreter for Michael for all activities he participated in, such as adressing speeches, communication with management and other employees of different franchises of J&J.

2008 /10--2008 /10:interpretation for visiting president of XXX Medical Medical (India) Ltd.
Project Description:
acted as interpreter for Widish, president of Johnson & Johnson Medical (India) Ltd., who paid a visit to China and Shanghai during October 20th to 22nd.
provided interpretation for Widish throughout his trip in Shanghai, complete with his visit to some hospitals in Shanghai and business talk with his counterpart and so on.
2006 /9--2009 /3
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

1996 /8--2000 /7
Shenyang Polytechnic University
2007 /1--2007 /7:
Monotary Interpretation Com.,LTD
consective interpretation, simultaneous interpreta
Monotary Interpretation Certificate
acquired systemic training of notetaking, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
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