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Ms. Qiu: High quality English<>Chinese translation services

MSc in Engineering with Business Management (Merit)
King's College London, University of London
09/2007 C 09/2008
< Curriculum included: Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Robotics System, Computer-Aided Design,
Sensors and Actuators, Industrial Business Management, Operations Management, Project Management.
< Final year project: Assessment of ergonomic effect of a workbench using a biomechanical human upper limb
model and its effect on manufacturing management.
< Design and data collection for 3D measurements of human movements.
< Mechanical modelling of a human upper limb.
< Ergonomic index calculation and results analysis with SPSS, which determine whether people work in a
comfortable environment.
< Assessed the manufacturing balance between productivity and flexibility of the workbench.
B.Eng in Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations (GPA 86.8%)
Harbin Engineering University, China
09/2002 C 07/ 2006
< Curriculum included: Electronic Engineering, Inertial Navigation Systems, GPS, Computer
Programming and Computer Networks.
< Final year project: An Exact Temperature Monitoring System for Gyroscopes.
Freelance Translator
< Working Language: English to Chinese
< Service: Translation, Editing/Proofreading, Transcription, Content Analysis.
06/2010 CPresent
< Fields of Expertise: Market research, Technical and Engineering, General Medical, Environment and
Ecology, Education, Tourism and Hotel, Food and Beverage, etc.
< File Formats: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, PDF, etc.
< Trados Fuzzy Match Discount: 95-99% matches: 30%, 85-94% matches: 50%, 0-84% matches/new
words: 100%, Repetitions: 20%
< Daily Capacity: around 2,500 words for translation and 4,000 words for editing/ proofreading.
Project Management and Recruitment Assistant
GlobaLexicon, London 27/06/2011 C 27/09/2011
< Assisted with the daily management of projects paying particular attention
to maintaining good working
relationships and adherence to budgets and timescales.
< Assisted project manager in understanding client requirements and negotiating with
suppliers in writing
and by phone.
< Recruited new suppliers from website to meet clients¨ special requests.
< Undertook general administration including invoicing, purchase orders,
contracts, payments, expense
management, post, filing, archives, and maintaining records and databases
Research Assistant 25/07/2008 C 12/04/2010
College London, London
< Worked as part of a team to measure the movements of human lower limbs when walking, running and
< Responsible for the experiment set-up, i.e. static and dynamic calibration and attaching markers to the
subjects according to anatomy.
< Accurate record-keeping throughout experiments using force plate and multi-camera motion analysis
< Analysis and presentation of results.
Web Development and Testing
China Mobile, China 12/03/2009 C 23/08/2009
< Worked as part of the production team to produce templates for bespoke pages.
< Tested builds prior to release and kept accurate records of all samples and test results.
< Dealt with incidents and issues raised by the E-commerce team with high flexibility and strong problem
solving skills.
< Interpreted and communicated results effectively to other IT staff.
Web Design
China Mobile, China
< Responsible for new graphics and banners to use within the websites.
02/11/2008 C 17/02/2009
< Communicated and worked effectively with colleagues during design and development of E-newsletter
< Assistance in the planning of new brand website structure.
< Translation Management software: SLD Trados Studio 2009;
< 3D design software: Pro Engineer, AutoCAD;
< Office tools e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
< Familiar with project management and operation management;
< Languages: Fluent English and Chinese, conversational Cantonese.
Journalist and writer of Newspaper Society.
Harbin Engineering University, China.
01/11/2002 C 30/06/2006
< Interviewed students and teaching staff, and wrote articles for the fortnightly newspaper.
< As part of committee, helped to organise four annual social events for staff, students and guests, which
included alumni and well known journalists. Money raised at the events exceeded the previous year by
Harbin Engineering University, China
10/11/2002 C 30/06/2005
< Part of the team that won three successive championships among 14 departments which required strong
team work and ability to organise my time to meet deadlines.
< Organised four trips across four provinces in China.
< Learnt to cope with the unexpected.
References upon request.
I accept to do tests anytime.

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