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Do’s & Don’ts to avoid Errors in Chinese Audio recording

  Please do the recording in a professional audio studio for better result and quick deliveries.
  For audio dubbing we will provide you with the reference videos which will be in Mpeg1 format.
  The recorded audio has to match the reference video - sentence wise and the audio recorded should be in sync with the text displayed. (No lip-sync is required)
  In the reference video, the text will have the translated labels and the audio will have an English voice, on which you will have to get the audio dubbed.
  You will need at least one language expert or a subject expert who should be present during the process of audio recording and who will also cross check and see that the audio recorded is matching the reference videos and that no errors are made by the voice over (e.g. line missed while recording) or by the sound engineer (e.g. voice levels, any disturbance during recording).
录音过程中至少要有一位语言专家或项目专家跟进。反复核对,务必做到录音与参考视频相匹配。避免录音过程中出错(比如,录音时文字缺行)  或 录音师出错(录音过程中断)
  The subject expert should also see that if any lines were missed during the translation process, then he will have to translate and get those recorded.
  Also the corrected file will have to be sent to us once again along with the corrections done in it.
  Once the recording is over, the subject expert will cross check and see that the recorded is matching the reference video and no mistakes are there in the audio.
  The final audio that will be delivered to us should be of broadcast quality and totally cleaned by the sound engineer (no hisses, no disturbances) and both the audio and reference video duration should be the same. In this way when we receive the audio we will superimpose the translated text and the audio to make final video for delivery.
  We need the recorded audio in *.wav (48 MHz and 16 bit stereo) or in *.aiff format.
录音录制成wav(48 MHz &16 bit 立体声)或 aiff 格式
  Please Note: During recording the Voice Over should wear a headphone and through that he/she should be able to hear the English VO playing with very a low sound. So the Voice Over should be able to know the time and speed that he/she has to start and stop during recordings. With this process in place the VO and the sound engineer should be able to record and match the English reference videos and not cross the time limit. If the VO feels that he/she has gone over the time limit she can redo the sentence and match the speed.
  This process is very important since our time limit cannot change.   
  If we feel that even after recording the duration is not matching the English duration then the language expert should re-translate the sentence and shorten it and the VO should re-record the sentence and match it.

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