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Translating FPAC’s Strategic Roadmap - Vision2020

English source document:

Trade – Free trade and enhanced market access for forest products

Canada’s wood fibre basket is a renewable resource of global importance. In 2013, Canadian forestry revenues were valued at approximately $57 billion, of which 44% was from goods exported to over 180 countries around the world. This trade generates over 300,000 direct and indirect jobs and supports over 200 rural communities.

The Canadian forest products industry has always relied heavily on exports for its prosperity. In 2013, Canada was the world’s second largest exporter of forest products and the sector is the second biggest contributor to Canada’s trade balance at $19.2 billion. In 2014, wood exports are up 11% and the GDP for the forest products industry increased by 3.4%, faster than the overall economy at just 2%.

The Canadian forest products industry is growing and transforming under Vision2020 – FPAC’s strategic roadmap launched in 2012 – which has set the ambitious target of generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity through innovative products and new markets by the end of the decade. The target reflects the optimism of the forest products sector about its ability to create new economic activity by finding innovative ways to use wood fibre, and by expanding and diversifying markets through new free trade agreements.


Mandarin translation:




加拿大林产品协会(FPAC)在2012年制定了战略路线图“2020年愿景”(Vision 2020),该愿景确立了一个雄心勃勃的目标:通过开发新产品和新市场在2020年底前再创造价值200亿美元的经济活动。这一目标反映了加拿大林产品部门对其能力所持的乐观态度,他们相信有能力找到创新方法来利用木材纤维,从而创造出新的经济活动,并且可以通过新的自由贸易协定来扩大市场并使市场多样化。在“2020年愿景”的指引下,加拿大林产工业正在发展和转变。

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