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Swedish national and fluent Mandarin speaker

Bjrn Vlugt
At a glance,
-10 Years China experience in compliance, supply chain, and intellectual property.
-Fluent Chinese (including characters), German, English, and Swedish.
-In-depth corporate due diligence (China, Hong Kong, and global).
-Looking for opportunities to advance management experience in compliance.
Work Experience
2013 C 2014: Counterfeit Intelligence Services Australasia (Shenzhen)
Manager of Investigations and Enforcement
 Drove growth: increased investigation department quarterly turnover by average 75% q-o-q in 2013.
 Managed demanding case portfolio including Fortune 500 clients such as Schneider Electric, Federal Mogul, Xerox, and Hershey's.
 Lead international team and operations in high-risk markets including China, Israel, India, and Russia
 Executed over 200 cases, including raids, cease-and-desist operations, and evidence gathering for US Cbased legal action.
 Global due diligence and corporate research
 Directed frequent IP raids in China: seized $500,000 goods in company¨s most successful raid, broke new ground in complex cases involving new laws
2012 C 2013: Current Consulting Group (Shanghai, Hong Kong)
Head of South China Operations / Senior Consultant
 Devised first SA8000-based CSR-auditing program including all aspects of marketing and internal training
 Built Statistical Quality Control program for key clients, including one of Europe's largest construction companies
 Responsible for all SEA operations, including strategy, audits, internal and external training
 Developed and led a series of CSR workshops on CSR and business ethics in Shanghai and Hong Kong
2010 C 2011: SCA (Shanghai)
Quality Manager North Asia
 Responsible for maintaining and improving manufacturing quality for North Asia: lead fifteen OEM sites
 Collaborated with team of engineers to insure rigorous quality control and social compliance across Asia
 Audited all suppliers and sub-suppliers according to company¨s exacting standards as a global industry leader
 Responsible for IP protection including investigation, detection and destruction of fakes, grade B and C products
2009 C 2010: SBE International Holdings Ltd. (Shanghai/Ningbo)
Business Development
 Establishing from scratch a sales strategy and sales team directed at opening up new markets and accounts
 Oversaw and streamlined company services and procedures including social standards in order to adapt to rapidly growing sales
 Personally managed the company¨s first quality operations in Taiwan for a European multi-national, including building and tailoring a local team
2005 C 2009: Versant Procurement (Xiamen/Shanghai)
Sourcing Manager / China Manager
 Grew client base from scratch to secure contracts and accounts with net worth $1.2 mln
 Established and managed first China office in Shanghai in 2008, expanding team from two to eight staff
 Acted as chief negotiator at third party disputes for international clients
 Lead all sourcing and quality practices in China

2003 C 2014: CLS 4-Text GmbH
Freelance Translator
 Translated German-Swedish, English-Swedish for firm¨s largest clients; delivered high standards on deadline
 Database management
2000 C 2002: Euro script Language Services (Berlin, Germany)
 Translated German-Swedish, English-Swedish
Mother tongue Swedish
Fluent English
Fluent German
Fluent Mandarin (including writing and reading of characters)
2005: Wuhan University: Chinese Language Graduate
2004: Lund University: Political Science / Bachelor of Sinology
2003: Humboldt Universitaet Berlin: Sinology
2002: Freie Universitaet Berlin: Political Science
2001: Beijing LCU: Chinese Language Graduate
1996: Sollentuna Fria Gymnasium
Other Skills and Interests
SGS-certified Auditor for SA8000 (2011)
Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Has published extensively on contemporary and historical China, both fiction and non-fiction
Enthusiastic sportsman, including tennis, martial arts, snooker and goo
Contact Details

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