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William ahlgren cv, English-Swedish Translator

Language combinations:
 English --------> Swedish (native language)
 Portuguese ---> Swedish
 Spanish -------> Swedish
Native language: Swedish
Services: Translation (incl. proofreading)
 Standard rates
For projects either (i) not using any CAT tool or (ii) using any of the following CAT tools: Wordfast Classic, Transit
File type Rate (euro)
  Word (original document) 0.10 euro / source word
  Word (converted from PDF) 0.11 euro / source word
  HTML / XML 0.11 euro / source word   Excel, textual content 0.11 euro / source word
  Excel, non-contextual strings 0.12 euro / source word
  Excel, software strings 0.12 euro / source word
  PowerPoint 0.12 euro / source word
  Image (jpeg, gif, etc.) 0.13 euro / target word
  PDF (editable) 0.11 euro / source word
  PDF (non-editable) 0.13 euro / target word
  Volume discounts:
 1,000-4,999 words 5%
 5,000-9,999 words 10%
 10,000-19,999 words 15%
 20,000+ words 20%
Word counts are determined using Microsoft Word's word count function on the complete source material (or the target text in the case of non-editable PDF and image files). Unless otherwise agreed, all words/items are included in the word count (incl. untranslated instances of names, numbers, code, HTML, variables, etc.). Untranslated items such as numbers, code etc. are excluded from the word count only if (1) they are easy to identify and count and (2) this is explicitly agreed upon beforehand.
 Rates for CAT tools
  Base rates
 MemoQ and comparable CAT tools (*)
   < 1,000 words 0.12 euro / source word
   1,000 words+ 0.10 euro / source word
 Web-based CAT tools (e.g. XTM Cloud)
   < 1,000 words 0.13 euro / source word
  1,000 words+ 0.11 euro / source word
  New words (non-matches) 100%
  0%-74% matches 100%
  75%-84% 80%
  85%-94% 60%
  95%-99% 40%
  100% 20%
  Repetitions 20%
(*) CAT tools that (a) provide statistics in terms of degree of matching, repetitions etc. and (b) provide real performance benefits for the translator in terms of TM and glossary management.
 Translation - item lists, glossaries, etc.
For translation of certain kinds of "non-regular" text, I charge per hour instead of per word. This applies for instance to lists of items (e.g. short product descriptions or product names), glossaries, etc. This sort of material takes much longer time to process than regular text.
 Rate: 35 euro/hour 
  Translation - translation tests
 I usually charge for translation tests as per my regular rate. 
  Rate: 35 euro/hour 
 Specializations:  Business / Management / Commerce
  Computers / IT / Software
  Contracts / Legal documents
  Website localization
CAT tools: Trados 2007
 MemoQ 6.0
 Passolo Translator 2011 (SDL Passolo 2011 Translator Edition SP3)
 QT linguist
 SDLX Lite
 Transit (Star Transit 3.0 Satellite PE)
 Tstream Editor Studio
 Wordfast Classic
Capacity: Preferred:    1,500-2,500 words per day
 Larger volumes possible when urgent
Experience: Full-time freelance translator since spring 2004.
 Translation work includes:
? technical brochures and specification sheets
? user instructions and manuals
? product catalogues
? marketing and product information
? birth certificates
? marriage certificates
? employment records
? curriculum vitae
? business contracts
? business documentation in general
? organizational activity reports
? codes of conduct
? legal documents
? contracts
? police reports
? insurance policies
? annual reports
? graphical user interfaces
? glossaries and phrase databases
? websites
? academic articles
? biographical articles

Recent large projects: 
(Projects of 5,000 words or more since May 2009)
 Lifelong Guidance Policy document (European resource kit)
 34,200 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 September-October 2012
 Texts on British pension system (for website)
 6,800 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 August 2012
 Partner agreement (between the partners of a company)
 10,800 words (translation, Spanish>Swedish)
 August 2012
 Localization of web server  (manuals, documentation, interface)
 21,800 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 July and August 2012
 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (for website)
 5,200 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 June 2012
 Localization of sales portal (hard drive company)
 15,400 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 May 2012
 Operating instructions (print station)
 9,400 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 May 2012
 Annual report 2011 (major European online betting company)
 26,000 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 March-April 2012
 Website (online mail protection system)
 57 hours (linguistic validation, English>Swedish)
 December 2011 - January 2012
 Operating instructions (electropneumatic positioner)
 16,200 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 December 2011
 Instruction manual (operating system for pre-food processing)
 5,000 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 October 2011
 User manual (X-ray unit)
 15,200 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 August 2011
 Furniture catalogue (kitchen furniture)
 8,300 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 July 2011
 User manual (mobile X-ray unit)
 14,300 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 June 2011
 Operation and maintenance manual (industrial engine)
 6,200 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 May 2011
 Annual report 2010 (major European online betting company)
 40,000 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 March 2011
 Technical manual (card printing machine)
 17,000 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 February 2011
 Strategy reports 
 (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA, 
   development contributions in Africa)
 19,700 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 October 2010
 Website (adult chat portal)
 9,500 words (localization, English>Swedish)
 October 2010
 Dictionary phrases (electronic pocket translator)
 8,700 words (translation, English>Swedish)
    September 2010
 Website (adult chat portal)
 54,000 words (localization, English>Swedish)
 April 2010
 Annual report 2009 (major European online betting company)
 41,000 words (translation, English>Swedish)
    March 2010
 Dictionary phrases (electronic pocket translator)
 15,700 words (4,000 phrases) (localization, English>Swedish)
    September 2009
 Overview of European directive 
 (major European trade union federation, 
   on European Works Councils, 2009/38/EC)
 6,500 words (translation, English>Swedish)
    July 2009
 Activity report 
 (major European trade union federation, 5-year report)
 8,500 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 July 2009
 Graphical user interface (cashier software)
 15,300 words (localization, English>Swedish)
 May 2009
    Code of conduct (major biomanufacturing corporation)
 9,600 words (translation, English>Swedish)
 May 2009 
Payment methods:   Paypal
Education: 11 years of academic studies and research (1990-2001)
? B.A. in Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, December 1994
? B.A. in Ancient Greek, Lunds Universitet, Sweden, June 1997
? Postgraduate studies in Philosophy, University of Chicago, USA, September 1997 - June 2001

Miscellaneous:   Born in 1971.
 16 years of living in foreign countries (Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA and Venezuela)  11 years of website development (with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, HTML; also familiar with e.g. C++, Java and Perl)  Reading proficiency in Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek (ancient), Italian, Latin and Norwegian 

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