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Ms. Liang is a machinery English-Chinese translator with more than 10 years translation experiences.

Ms. Liang is a native Mandarin speaker.

Work Experience 

2008 /4--Present: XXX Machinery Company(150-500 people) [ 4 year and 3month] 
Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
Supplier Centre of China QA/QC Supervisor
1,Deploy the quality policy and standards
2,Responsible for establishing quality management procedures (processes, responsibilities, performance indicators, operational procedures, etc.), and monitoring the implementation; quality status is announced to the company termly, organize quality meeting, manage related person to carry continuous quality improvement;
3, management review for the department periodically, and summary of the review report to boss;
4, responsible for organizing training of the quality management system and quality control; as well as the quality of staff training;
5, responsible for the implementation of the work of the quality of supervision, audit and responsibilities of ruling and quality of reward and punishment;
6, responsible for the assessment of the major suppliers and supply replacement for approval; set up supplier quality management system, to reach a good supply delivery pass rate, continues to improve the quality of the supply;
7,responsible for auditing answer and handling of customer complaints to complain about; dealing with vendor products failed complaints and corrective action plans and verification; responsible for the quality of accident handling;
8, responsible for the quality of routine work of Quality department, give department supervision and guidance; organize personnel to conduct routine inspection of raw materials, process and finished goods;
9, responsible for the quality of all shipped products;
10, monitor the process which instable,make improvement project for Non-conforming products, found in incoming , process and final inspection, to the problem, carry out "product failure analysis" and organize analysis of the product structure and process path, carry out process test, to find a solution, and supervise the implementation until the improvement project closed.
11, organize to analyse cost of quality, submit quality cost analysis report in time.

2004 /5--2005 /9:ShangHai XXX Port Machine co., ltd [ 1 year and 4month] 
Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
QA Department QA/QC Engineer
Quality Engineer
, Testing metal materiel and product with NDT ways and Metallographic testing way
, Audit and evaluate to supplier, provide improve means and train supplier
, Establish inspection plans, inspection/ verification rules, work instructors
, Deal with the problems to process quality
, Stat. and analyze the data from inspection
, Provide quality program files and guidance on validation to for else departments
, Organize and develop customer communication
, Maintain instruments and equipments in company
, Monitor and keep the implementation of quality control system
, Implement internal audit in company, write the bills of inspection, the auditing reports and organize activity of evaluation, validation
, Responsibility for the maintenance and promotion to ISO9000, ISO14000
, Carry out and assure the quality policy of the company all right

Familiar with quality management, skill carrying with quality control, quality inspection, quality improvement
Hold the auditing steps of ISO9000 and local auditing skill
Good English skills both in oral and written
Skill in computer especially on Word, Excel
Achievements: 1,Responsible for quality management workshop, organized meeting, the quality improvement. Gave management and training to inspector and operator.
2,control the materials of raw supplier reasonablely .
3, Reduced the raw material consumption, reduceing costs 6 million / year.
4, Promoted the rate finished products from 97 percent to 98.5 percent, and ensured the quality management system in the normal operation of workshop, and advance the development of the quality system.

1998 /7--2004 /5:GuangXi XXX Power Generation Installation Company [ 5 year and 10month] 
Industry: Machinery, Equipment, Heavy Industries
Testing Engineer
*Nondestructive Testing of Steam- Gas turbine and boiler and pressure vessel pipeline weld, testing of Metallography
The design and programming of testing project, the scene debugging and maintenance of testing instrumental
Parse countermeasure of the accident to metal weld production and boiler and pressure vessel
*Communion of technic and training in-company
Testing theory and technic:
Skill in weld technology, metal material, metal technics, metal heat treatment
Familiar with the mechanics capability testing of metal
Familiar with machine theory, machine process technics
Skill in electrocircuit elements, electron circuitry, electron instrumente
UT,RT,PT, Metallographic Testing and so on
Training of ISO9000 and ISO14000
Hold the auditing steps of ISO and local auditing skill
Good English skills both in oral and written
Skill in computer especially on Word, Excel
*The items have been concerned with
Design, installation, debugging the LaiBin engineering of 300 thousand kilowatt thermal power generation plant, the LiuZhou engineering of 200 thousand kilowatt thermal power generation plant, the GuiLin engineering of 200 thousand kilowatt thermal power generation plant

2005 /9--2008 /4 East China University of Science & Technology Inspection technique and automatic Master
Professional courses: fieldbus , process control , programmable controller and its application, computer interface technology, modern control theory, measurement technology, computer networking, artificial intelligence and so on.
Direction: industrial automation, intelligent building automation.
Research topics: study of some control systems in Intelligent Building . Fieldbus control technique was applied in building to , Configuration software used to communicate between PC and PLC,they can control the field sensors and instruments automatically.

Basic subject
Mechanical engineering,electronical engineering,optics,acoustics
Major in
1、Study principle and stucture of instruments,operation,testing,with them and maintenance them
2、Wielding technology, mechanical drawing, machine manufacture, metal materials, metal technology, micro-SCM technology, basic circuits, electronic circuit, analog circuits, digital circuits and detection technology
3、Laser,ultrasonic,radial,magnetism powder, penetration,whirlpool testing
2004 /3--2004 /4:  China XXX invest manage co., Lit
internal auditor training Internal auditor Certification
Training content
1. The produce and development of ISO9000 family
2. The framework and characteristic ISO9000 family
3. Eight items manage principle
4. Term and definiens; normal understand to quality management systems
5. The basic concept of audit
6. The steps of audit ;the basic demand and characteristic of internal audit
7. Implement internal audit
8. Analysis case
9. The skill of internal audit
 Internal auditor Certification good
 RT,UT-Å,Metallographic GOOD

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