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The procedure of Mandarin Chinese notarized and certified translation service:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:bjctn@vip.sina.com;
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and seal;
5. Sending the hard copy through mail.
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Procedures and Rates of the Mandarin Chinese certified translation

认证翻译流程包括以下几个步骤:Certified translation procedures are as follows:
1、  请您查看我们公司网站上公开的一般性认证翻译价格,一般来说,每页翻译费用不低于25美元。
1. Please check the price for average certified translation released on our website. Generally, the price of a page of translation would not be lower than 25 dollars.
2、  将需要翻译认证的文件扫描或拍摄成清晰的照片,将原件电子版文件,以及您的邮寄地址和收件人姓名和电话号码等信息,通过邮件发到我们电子信箱里: bjctn@vip.sina.com, Tel: 001 647 624 9243.
2. Documents that require certified translation should be scanned or have pictures taken so that they can be sent, together with your delivery address and the name and phone number of the recipient, to our email as follows: bjctn@vip.sina.com. Tel: 001 647 624 9243.
3、  我们收到邮件后,会根据原文电子版内容通过邮件或者电话给予正式报价,包括翻译费用、盖章费用和快递费用。并给您提供我们的银行卡号等收款信息。
3. On receipt of your email, we’ll issue an official offer by email or by phone based on the content of your documents, including the cost of translation, the pay for stamp use and the courier fees. We’ll also provide our collection information like bank accounts at the same time.
4、  您通过邮件或者电话进行确认,并给我们汇款。我们收到您的汇款后开始翻译。一般需要1到3天左右就可以翻译好,然后我们打印原件副本和译文,并在原文和译文打印稿件上加盖骑缝章,最后快递或邮寄到您提供的指定地址。
4. You can confirm our offer by email or by phone before making remittance. We’ll start translation on receipt of the remittance. The translation can normally be done within 1 or 3 days, and then we’ll print a duplicate of the original document and our translation, with seal on the perforation applied to both of them; finally they would be sent to the address you supply by express or by mail.
5、  如果您能自己翻译,您也可以自己翻译好,将原件电子版和译文电子版通过邮件发来,我们这里检查核对后打印盖章快递,这样翻译费用可以节省一些。如果内容不多,而且翻译质量比较高,我们一般只收盖章和快递费用。如果页面数量比较多或者译文修改和排版工作量比较大,则会适当收取一些校对、修改和排版费用。
5. You can also have some others translate the documents and send electronic editions of the original document and the translated version to us. We will proofread the documents, then apply our stamp before delivering them, thereby you can save the cost of translation. If the length is reasonable and the quality of translation is high, we’ll only charge the fees for stamping and express. If there’re too many pages or a lot of workload for proofreading and typesetting the translation, we would charge some extra fees for proofreading, revision and typesetting.
6. Please pay attention that the electronic edition of the original you send to us must be the authentic duplicate of the original document. We shall apply our stamp to the printed duplicate of the original document, and the organization that requires certified translation will compare it with the original one.
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